Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What Affiliate Marketers Should Know About List Building


List Building is an important part of an online business. Whether your are a blogger or a webmaster building an email list is a great way to increase traffic as well as sales. All that is required for List Building is a squeeze page and an autoresponder. With ListWire you can get a free squeeze page and an autoresponder to start list building immediately. Click on the below link and read my other post on ListWire to learn more about it.

Free Autoresponder + Squeeze Page

There are 4 important figures that every internet marketer needs to monitor while list building, you need to constantly monitor these stats for a successful list building campaign and edit your messages if required.

1) Bounce Rate (This is different to the Bounce Rate of a website) - This is the percentage (%) or the number of emails that did not get delivered to the subscribers in your list.

2) Opt-Outs -This is the number of subscribers that unsubscribed from your mailing list, so if there are many opt outs then you need to rethink about what you're sending. Spamming subscribers or providing them with content/products they are not interested in are main reasons for losing subscribers. If you are losing subscribers then edit the required messages/newsletters and provide them with interesting content/products so they look forward to reading your emails.

3) Opened Rate - This is the number of times each email was opened/viewed by the subscribers in your list. This is calculated as follows

Bounces = Undelivered emails

One factor for a low open rate is a bad message subject, so try to be creative and write a catchy subject for each message since the "Message Subject" is what they first see when you send a message. Another reason for a low open rate is constantly sending messages that your readers are not interested in or spamming. If you do this continuously they will delete your messages without even opening them and possibly unsubscribe from your mailing list. So try to give your readers what they like to hear from you and send messages at reasonable intervals instead of flooding the mail box at once with too many emails.

The open rates in email marketing campaigns can be different for each niche. Click on the below link to read a great article that's all about email marketing open rates.

4) Clicks - This is the number of times each link in your message was clicked. They can be affiliate links, links to social media sites, links to other sites etc. ListWire shows how many times each link in each message was clicked, this way you will know if your messages are effective and if your subscribers are actually clicking on the links in your mails. One of the obvious reasons for a low click through rate is sending a message your readers are not interested in, so if you have a high open rate and a low click through rate then you might want to edit the message. The anchor text also has an effect on the number of clicks you receive to your links.

ListWire provides all the important information (Open rates, Clicks, Opt-Outs and more info) about your list building campaign, so you can see exactly where you are going wrong and correct them to make sure you don't lose subscribers.

 I would certainly recommend you to watch the below video as it discusses some important aspects on list building.

Another important factor of list building is the design of the squeeze page. The design and the look of the squeeze page can make a big difference. The squeeze page design can vary according to your niche. You can goto Google images and search the term "Squeeze Page" or "Squeeze Page Design" and that will show up squeeze pages in different niches. That will just give a basic idea on how important it is to have a well designed squeeze page. Below are 2 well designed squeeze pages (click on them to zoom)

These 2 squeeze pages are built for the same purpose as any other squeeze page but the designs are totally different. The aim of a squeeze page is to capture your visitors email and you can do it in different ways. Both of these squeeze pages are offering free stuff, that's great way to get a readers attention. So a squeeze page shouldn't just be a box asking for name and email, it has to be a lot more than that. The squeeze page should also tell the visitor exactly what they are going to get by subscribing and a little more about your services / products etc.

Quick Tips On Creating A Squeeze Page

1) Free Offer - A free offer will greatly increase your chances of getting a visitors email. If the visitor is interested in your niche then most likely they will be glad to get anything free related to that. Also encourage the visitor by talking about the benefits of the free report/service etc that you are offering.

2) Good Design - Make the squeeze page look professional, as I mentioned earlier the design plays a key role in capturing a visitors email. The design should match your niche / the target audience. If you don't know how to create one then you can get a squeeze page template, there are a lot of sites that offer squeeze page templates like www.squeezepages.com.

3) Personalize - Also personalize the squeeze page by adding a good picture of you as well as an image of your signature. I have seen several sites using this method. Building a customers confidence is an important part of any business and personalizing the squeeze page is a great way of boosting the visitors confidence in your website. You can create your signature image using mylivesignature.com

4) Short & Effective Message - Its certainly not recommended to turn the squeeze page into a very long sales pitch. So what ever you write in the squeeze page make it short but effective enough to make the reader subscribe. Use Google images to view other squeeze pages, this will give you a good idea on how you can pursue your reader to subscribe without writing too much.

5) Use A Talking Character - A talking character is simply a speaking avatar. A talking character will make it easier for you to give your reader more info about your offer/product instead of writing a long page. It will certainly increase your chances of getting more subscribers as its an effective way to influence the visitor to susbcribe. Features like this can help you keep an edge over your competitors. All you need to do is type in what you want the talking character to say once your squeeze page gets loaded. Two sites that offer these services are avaguide.net and sitepal.com. But I'm sure there are many other sites that offer these services.

6) Zero External Links - The purpose of a squeeze page is to capture your visitors email address and adding any external links can divert the visitors attention. So its recommended not to add any other links on the squeeze page.

7) Privacy Statement - Privacy is a major concern for subscribers, and it is important to mention at the bottom of the squeeze page or below the subscribe button that you will not share the information (email, name etc) with anyone. This will certainly increase your subscriber rates as they will know the information will not be shared so they will not have to worry about receiving spam mail.

So its important to spend a considerable amount of time to design a great squeeze page that fits your "niche" very well, as that squeeze page alone can play a big role in your success online.