Saturday, April 17, 2010

Make Money Fast With Google Adsense


Here we are going to discuss another make money fast trick that is used by many experts but you too can do it. But the best part about it is that it will help you make money immediately. In under 24 hours.

So what exactly is Google Adsense ?

Now go to and type a term like “Make Money Fast” or “Make Money Online” or any other term you want. As shown in the picture below you can see some ads on the right hand side, as well as some ads marked with in yellow color. 

These are called sponsored links or paid links. Every time some one clicks on one of these links, the advertise will pay Google money (depends on what he bids for). But the best thing is that you can get to the 1st page of Google for any keyword with these.

Here's a guide that will certainly help you to learn A-Z of Adsense

Write click and click "Save As" to download the file.

Important tips for anyone using Google Adwords

1) Avoid Broad Matching of Keywords - This is a big mistake for two reasons. First is it will cost you a lot of money when bidding for a very broad keyword like “make money” or “affiliate marketing”. And the competition is so high for it so most probably you will end up getting a low rank which in turn will reduce your
CTR (Click Through Rate) and increase the amount you have to pay. The aim of using Google adsense is to get a high rank and begin to make money fast, but it certainly won’t happen if your ads appear in a low position. So it is advisable to avoid broad matching keywords.  Always make use of the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to do your research.  

2) Include your targeted keyword in the title - This is very obvious, if you are bidding for the phrase "how to make money fast" use that in the title, and if possible use it in the ad as well, so when a user searches for this particular term it will get highlighted. Therefore it increases your chances of getting a click, increasing your
CTR (Click Through Rate) in turn reducing the amount you have to pay to get to higher rank in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) for your targeted keyword.

3) Avoid the unwanted keywords - If you do not want your ad to appear for a certain keyword then make use of global negatives. One word that you might want to avoid is "free", of course the purpose of using Google Adwords is to get to the top of the page and make money fast, even if your site is brand new. So you can avoid the visitors who are looking for free stuff, just like that you can avoid displaying your ad to keywords you do not like.

4) Avoid the Google Adwords Content Network -From my personal experience in Google Adwords all I can say is that the content network is not a very successful method. Of course you can make money by showing your ads in the content network but if you are a beginner it can be a little confusing since you might have any idea on which sites the ads are showing up. Even though you may get 1000's of clicks from the content network, the quality of traffic that you get from the content network is not even close to the quality of traffic that you get directly from the search. So I would recommend you to avoid the content network if you have small budget and is a beginner.

5) Watch Your CTR (Click Through Rate) - This one is for beginners. The CTR (Click Through Rate) not only affects the position where your ads will show up but it will also affect the amount you pay. A good CTR is 2%-5%. A low CTR will increase the amount you have to pay to get a higher position, and a higher CTR will reduce the amount you have to pay to get a higher spot. So always maintain a proper CTR (Click Through Rate), if the CTR is going down then it is advisable to edit your ad title and contents.

6) Include Keyword In URL – If your keyword is “make money fast”, then just make your display url . As I said earlier where ever the keyword is used in your ad (title, contents, display URL), it will get highlighted which will pursue the surfer to click on your ad.

7) Avoid Superlative Terms – Using words like “Best in the World”, “Best Ever’ or “Greatest” or ALL CAPITAL WORDs will just end up with you ad getting banned.So just avoid using all capitals and superlative terms.

8) Proper Keyword Research – Of course this is not something I have to mention. Use the incorrect keywords, you will end up losing lots of money and end up giving up on adwords. Of course you can make use of the Google Adwords Tool, but if you are not sure about the ROI (Return On Investment) of your keywords then I can recommend Keyword Spy. A great keyword research tool that allows anyone to select the best keywords for a successful Google Adwords Campaign.   

9) Don’t Fight With other Bidders – All the bidders want to be number one. But just increasing the amount you are paying just to get to the number one spot is not advisable. Be patient and just settle for number 2, and if your ad has a more attractive title, description and a URL then automatically your CTR will increase which in turn will reduce the amount you have to bid to get to the No 1 spot. Some advertisers with big budgets use bidding software that automatically adjusts the bidding amount to maintain a certain position this is certainly not a good idea if you don’t have a really big budget.

10) Restrict Your Ads To The Relevant Countries – Usually my Google Ads only show up in USA and Canada since I feel that it’s more profitable and I don’t have the biggest budget! But if you are not worried about your budget you can also target Western European countries and Australia. But I would recommend anyone to avoid African and South Asian countries since the ROI (Return On Investment) can be very low for those areas depending on what you are selling. So before you advertise just do some research to see if there is a demand for your product in a certain area.

If your site is brand new but you want to make money quick then Google Adsense is the answer, but carefully plan your campaign or else you will end up losing money and never wanting to use Adsense again. 

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Best Affiliate Networks To Make Money Fast


Selecting an affiliate network that will help you to achieve your goal of making money fast is the first step any affiliate should take. So here are some networks you can use.

1) Second Tier Second Tier is an affiliate network started by Russell Brunson. In my opinion I would call it the best affiliate network. It doesn’t just provide products to promote but Second Tier also trains its affiliates. So if you want to develop your online marketing skills to double your profits then Second Tier can be recommended. Second Tier has a great range of products and all products at Second Tier are Digital. I would certainly recommend you to join Second Tier if you are not registered yet.

2) Google Adsense   - One of the easiest ones to use is Google Adsense, many affiliates with blogs/sites make money online by running ads. The ads are contextual and it matches the content on the results page. The advertiser will not pay anything unless the user clicks on the ad. The disadvantage is that the amount you make is usually less than $0.20 per click. But if you are getting large amounts of traffic to a blog/site like over 2000 visitors per day then using Google Adsense certainly is a great idea as you will get many clicks. If you don’t want to waste time just want to make money fast using your blog or lens then the best is to make use of Google Adsense and if you are not getting much traffic to your blog you can make use of a traffic exchange, to drive some immediate traffic.
3) Link Share - Link Share is a very old affiliate network. A big company worth over $400. It also has a very good real time reporting system. You can find a lot of fortune 500 companies here. Link Share pays on a monthly basis.

4) Affiliate Window - This is an affiliate network based in the UK. There are some big UK based companies like John Lewis, Sainsbury’s, Toys r us, Virgin, Boots, Vodafone registered with Affiliate Window. So it certainly is a great idea to register with them if you an affiliate already working for companies like Commission Junction.

5) Commission Junction - Of course this is without a doubt one of the biggest. A lot of top American companies are registered with CJ. You can be guaranteed to find the types of products that you want to promote at CJ. Very good customer support service. Produces good reports on each product you promote, so you know whether it’s worth promoting it. But one disadvantage is that some merchant’s won’t allow you to promote their products if they are not satisfied with your website.

6)      Site Sell – Site Sell by Ken Evoy is another popular affiliate program. If you have a website aimed at webmasters then Site Sell is a great network for you. Ken Evoy was the first to introduce the concept of pre-selling to affiliates.

7)   Marketing TipsIf you are promoting products related to making money online then Marketing Tips is a great affiliate network. It has a range of products related to making money online with great conversion rates.

8) Clickbank - Another affiliate network almost all affiliate marketer knows. And Clickbank is one of the easiest to use as well. Just register select the product you want to promote and you are ready to make money fast. Now Clickbank also provides reports to users to help them see how their products are performing. The main advantages of Clickbank are very high commissions and you can be certain to get paid on time. But just one disadvantage is that there are so many products that’s very hard to promote and only a few of them have a good referred % and a gravity (I usually select products around 150 – 200 gravity and a referred % of over 90%). Top affiliate network to guaranteed to help you make money fast. Clickbank can be called the ideal network for affiliates of all levels for anyone to earn money from home.

9) Zanox - Zanox is a German affiliate network, most of the vendor sites are in German. It’s one of the biggest networks in Europe. Zanox sends reports very often to your email which is a plus point of the network and its totally free. There are some big companies like Emirates, Austrian Airlines, Stylebop and more. Zanox has brilliant customer support service.

10) Amazon - Amazon has low commissions compared with Clickbank but you can make sales since it is such a well known name among customers. Amazon has good reporting system and very easy ways to embed the products in your blog. If you use Squidoo it’s even easier to promote Amazon products as it has a built in Amazon Module. You also have an option in Squidoo to either donate the money you make through the Amazon Affiliate program to a charity or to keep it for your self. The Amazon aStore allows you to create your own store. Amazon pays monthly. The minimum payout is $100 but for direct deposit it’s $10 (only applies for USA).

11) Share A Sale - ShareASale is another popular affiliate network that provides up to date real time stats. Currently it has a little over 1700 merchants registered so finding your niche can be easy. ShareASale usually pays monthly.

All of the above affiliate networks are great for anyone wanting to make money from home.

The most important facts when choosing an affiliate program

  • There should be a demand for the products the merchant is offering. Use Google adwords tool to see the demand for the product.
  • The commissions must be reasonable, I usually select products that has a commission of at least $10 per sale.
  • Their customer support should be good (very important one, don’t work for a company that doesn’t respond to their affiliates).
  • The network should produce real time reports on how many clicks you get and how many of them are converting into sales to let the affiliate know if it’s worth promoting it.
  • The merchants/vendor’s website must be appealing to the customer. Think of your self as the customer and ask your self “Would I pay for this product/products ?”. Put your self in the customers shoes and review the website before you promote it, and if you feel it’s a site that will keep customers not drive them away then promote that product it will boost your conversion ratio.

When it comes to earning money online its very important to select a proper affiliate network, just keep the above points in mind when selecting an affiliate network and subscribe to this blog for more free online marketing tips.