Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Free Article Submit Sites

To make money fast a trick almost everyone uses is article submit. Free article submissions are used to build incoming links as well as traffic to the site. Here's a list of the best free article submit sites.

Articles Base              

 Work On Internet

 Gimpsy Directory

As mentioned article submit is a must if you want to make money fast. Most of these sites are FREE so you can be sure to do some link building to get close to your goal to make money fast without spending anything !

Monday, March 1, 2010

Best Money Making Guides In The Market

Today there are 100's or even more guides that teach how to make money fast on the net. But only few of them actually provide proper information that anyone can use to make money. While lot of them do not provide proper information on making money there are some top guides that can certainly help anyone of any level to successfully earn money quick.

                                          The Rich Janitor System

This is one of the hottest online money making guides available today, you can be certain to make money fast with the Rich Janitor System. The Rich Janitor is a system created by Mike Dougherty. This system can be recommended for anyone to make money from home and even to the experts to boost profits of their current online business.  Besides the brilliant tips that even an absolute beginner can use to earn money quick ,the Rich Janitor System also consist of an article system to create 100’s of articles, and after creating these articles with just a click of a button it automatically submits to 100’s of web directories.

This powerful article creating and submission system is without a doubt one of the strongest features of this system. For a beginner it might sound a little complicated but Mike Dougherty has explained the A-Z of using this system. So beginners there’s absolutely no need to worry about getting stuck while using the Rich janitor system. Mike Dougherty has  provided all the tips and techniques that has helped him to build a very successful online business to make over $1000 per day online.The Rich Janitor system can be called the gateway for anyone to make money from home.

Mike has also given the option to the user of choosing from over 24 different profitable markets along with good instructions. This system can be called an absolute bargain as it is priced at a mere $77. The best part about this system is that it comes with a 100% money back guarantee. If the user is not satisfied after 60 days of using the Rich Janitor system then the money is fully refunded. Therefore the Rich Janitor system allows anyone to start their own online business to make over $1000 per day with absolutely no risk. The Rich Janitor system also comes with 2 FREE bonus guides, For The Love Of Cash and Machine Gun Marketing. Click the below link to see it for your self. 

The Rich Janitor – Click Here

                         Fast Profit Pages

“Making money online isn’t rocket science, it is a matter of NOT running down the wrong road!”

This is what Tom Bell the creator of the Fast Profit Pages system had to say about making money fast online.  A lot of people with no experience in online marketing think making money online is like rocket science, but the truth is that it’s actually easier than your office or your part time job. And the people who are already running their own online businesses know it. Tom Bell the creator of this system literally takes the users hand and guides them to build their own successful online business to help them make a permanent income from home.

The formula of making money online is very simple, all you need is 3 things.

1)      A Blog/Site
2)      Products to sell
3)      Visitors or Traffic

It’s sounds simple but its important to have an attractive and a well designed webpage or a blog or a lens, to select a saleable product and last but not least to drive the right kind of visitors.

The Fast Profit Pages by Tom Bell offers 3 things needed to successfully make money online. Very well designed 20 websites, a set of very good saleable products and easy straight forward methods to drive visitors to your website. Actually Tom has done almost all the work you need to begin making money online.

Tom Bell the creator guarantees that with the Fast Profit Pages even an absolute beginner can get started with his own online business in under 5 minutes to make money fast with no hassle. He is backing is words by providing a full 100% money back guarantee for his system that is priced at just $97. Therefore if the user is not satisfied with the Fast Profit Pages after 60 days the money will be fully refunded, so the user has nothing to lose as it fully protects the user. Click the below link to visit

These 2 products can certainly be recommended to anyone interested in making money fast.

Text Link Ad Ban By Google


If you want make money fast online then one search engine you have to focus on is obviously Google. All online marketers try to increase their rank on Google and at the same time it’s important NOT to use any dirty tricks that will ban your website in Google.

Using text link ads is one trick that affiliates think will help them to make money fast but instead Google WILL ban their websites for using text link ads. So if you really want to make money fast online and keep making money then I certainly advise you to avoid text link ads. Text link ads can drive traffic to you but buying text link ads can cost the page rank of your site and it can also lower your rank on the Search Engine Results page. Google first penalized a several sites back in 2007 that was selling Text link ads, but so its better to play it safe and avoid text link ads. Click the below links to read more about the text link ads ban by Google.

HTML clipboard Selling Text Link Ads and Google Penalization

Also read my other post on other things that you can do to get your website/blog banned by Google. It’s advisable to avoid making those mistakes. Click the below Link

Google Ban - 10 Actions That Will Ban Your Website In Google