Tuesday, March 1, 2011

7 Important Internet Marketing Tools


If you want to become a successful Internet marketer then you must be aware of the tools that are freely available. Proper use of these free tools can help you to skyrocket the amount of traffic to your website and become a successful Internet marketer.

Google Webmaster tools

This is a tool that has to be used by every blogger and Webmaster.  The Google Webmaster Tools provide a lot of valuable information about your site/blog. In other words it shows exactly how Google sees your website/blog. It provides information such as

1) Links to your site.
2) Keywords that your site is ranked and the position in the search engine results page.
3) Any errors that Google detected while crawling your site and a lot more valuable information about your site.

And if your site gets banned by Google then you can make use of the Google Webmaster tools to submit your site for reconsideration so that it can appear again in the search engine results page. I have already written a post on the Google Webmaster Tools giving in-depth details about the Google Webmaster tools. You can read that post by clicking on the below link

You can visit the Google Webmaster tools by clicking on the below link

Below is a great video on the “Google Webmaster Tools” I would certainly recommend you to watch it and also search on youtube for more videos about the “Google Webmaster Tools”

Google Ad Preview Tool

This tool is especially useful if you are using PPC (Pay Per Click). This tool allows you to see the position of your website/blog according to the geographic location. For example your website might be placed in the first page of the Google search engine results page for the users in the United States but for users from other countries like Britain, Germany etc your website might not appear in the first page of Google. And using the Google Ad Preview Tool you can find out in which countries you are ranked high in Google. But as mentioned earlier it is mainly used by PPC (Pay Per Click) advertisers. 
You can click on the below link to visit the Google ad preview tool.

Yahoo Back Link Check

This is another great tool that is very useful for all affiliate marketers. This tool will provide information about incoming links to your website. Of course one of the key factors to ranking high is to have lots of back links so if you want to keep track of your back links then the Yahoo Back Link Check is great.  It will show you the total number of incoming links to your website/blog and also show which sites are linking to you. It's very simple to use this, all you have to do is go to yahoo.com and in the search box type the following

linkdomain: yoursite.com

Just replace the yoursite.com part with your domain name. And it will show you how many sites are linking to you and also provide you with the URLs of those sites. This is also useful when you are trying build incoming links. Just take your competitors domain name and using this tool find out from where they are getting the links and you can use some of those sites to build incoming links to you.  

Google Adwords Tool

This is again a great tool for PPC (Pay Per Click) advertisers. But even if you are not using PPC you can find out the number of times any keyword or phrase is searched by Google users and this tool also shows the competition for that particular keyword. This is very useful when you are thinking of ranking for a certain keyword, you can use this as a research tool before optimizing your site/blog for a keyword. Click on the below link to visit the Google Adwords Tool

Keyword Density Checkers

Keyword density is an important part of SEO. A lot of SEO experts recommend to maintain a keyword density of 2% - 4%. A too high keyword density can be regarded as keyword spamming by the search engines while a too low keyword density will not be very effective if you want to rank high. So its better to know your keyword density and maintain it at a proper level.
Here are some sites that will automatically calculate the keyword density of your blogpost/webpage

Different keyword density checkers can give you slightly different results. But if you want to manually calculate it you can use the Keyword Density Calculating Formula. Read more about this by clicking on the below link

Related Keywords Finder

Whenever you are optimizing your site for a certain keyword you must use related keywords as well. As this will increase your chances of getting ranked high. One tool that is useful in doing this is the Related Keywords Finder by Google. Click the below link to visit the Related Keywords Finder

For example if you are targeting the phrase “Make Money Fast” then you can type it in and the Related Keywords Finder will get a set of related phrases/keywords that you might want to think about adding to your site/blog that can help you rank higher.
 Some more simple tools that will find you related keywords are

Digital Point Tool Solutions

Finally the Digital Point Tools must be mentioned. Digital Point has provided 18 different tools (Keyword Suggestion Tool, Keyword Ranking Monitor, Diff Comparison, Back Link Tracking Tool, Google AdSense Sandbox and much more) that helps internet marketers in many different ways.
So its certainly recommended to check out some of their tools. Click on the below link to see the tools for your self.

And if you aren’t a part of the Digital Point Forum then its certainly recommended to join in and learn from internet marketers, SEO experts, web designers and programmers from around the world.