Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Deep Linking To Boost Search Engine Rankings


Driving lots of targeted traffic is the key to successfully making money online.  Internet marketers use various SEO techniques to improve search engine rankings. One of the most effective search engine optimization techniques to boost your rank is Deep Linking. Deep linking can be simply defined as “Any backlink that points to any page on your website EXCEPT your homepage is called a deep link”.  Just building incoming links to your homepage will look unnatural to the search engines and building backlinks to other pages of your website (Deep Linking) will have a much better effect and will quickly boost your rankings on the search engines. Watch the below video to get a simple idea on Deep Linking. 

Deep links give a good impression to the search engines and shows that you have targeted content throughout your site since there are backlinks to internal pages of your site as well.  By building a good number of backlinks to the internal pages of a website it will raise the relevance of the website. This will also increase the page rank of the internal pages, therefore increase the search engine placement of the internal pages as well. 
Whenever building links whether they are links from other sites or within your own site build “Contextual Links”. Visit theInternet Marketing Definitions post to get a full detailed definition for “Contextual Links”.

Deep linking increases the overall value of your site, making your site stand out from your competitors. 
Creating valuable content is the best way to automatically get backlinks to internal pages of your site. But you too can build deep links on your own by creating blogs, submitting articles or press releases and then linking them to internal pages of your site rather than your homepage.This will not only drive more traffic but also improve search engine rankings. You can find a list of free article submission sites by clicking on the below link

Always maintain a healthy number of outgoing links (links that point to other sites) from each page on your site. Some webmasters suggest to limit the number of outbound links from the homepage of a site to just 10. Even though this is not a rule it is important to keep in mind the more "dofollow" links you have on a page the more your site will bleed vital ranking potential. Below link is a discussion on the Digital Point Forum regarding the number of outbound links on homepage, click the below link to get an idea on the views of different webmasters on the topic of outbound links.

Finally “What is Deep Link Ratio ?” Click the below link to find out more.

Deep Link Ratio

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Deep Link Ratio For Effective SEO Of Your Site


If you haven’t read the post “Deep Linking To Boost Search Engine Rankings”, then it is recommended to go back to our homepage and read that post fully. Deep linking ratio can simply be explained as the percentage (%) of incoming links that point to all pages of your site/blog except your homepage. So what’s the easiest way to find the deep link ratio of your site ? The easiest way to do it is by using the Yahoo BackLink Tool.

Here’s how to find the Deep Link Ratio of a site. In this example we will calculate the Deep Link Ratio of a popular tattoo site called tattoojohnny.com.

1)      First find the total number of back links to this site (links pointing at the home page and links pointing at internal pages). So just goto yahoo.com and in the web search box type the following

linkdomain: tattoojohnny.com

It showed 52,119 results for me. Now this is the total number of links (both internal links and links from other sites) to all pages of this website.

2)      Now we must find the number of links from internal pages, in other words we should find out the number of links within this domain that point to other pages that are also within this domain (internal links). So again we go back to yahoo.com and in the web search box type the following


It showed 459 results for me. Now this is the number of internal links. It means there are 459 links within tattoojohnny.com that link to different pages of tattoojonnhy.com.

3)      Now we subtract these two figures.

52,119 – 459  = 51,660

So 51,660 is the total number of external links or links pointing at this site from other sites (This number includes the links that point at the homepage as well as internal pages of this site).

4)      Now we should find the number of links pointing at the home page of tattoojohnny.com. And in this step we should find the number of links pointing at both “www.” version and the non “www.” version.

So again in the yahoo.com web search box just type


This gave me 43,766 results. Which means there are 43,766 links pointing at http://www.tattoojohnny.com/.

Now we should find the number of links pointing at the non “www.” version of tattoojohnny.com. So in the yahoo web search box just type


This gave me 947 results. Which means there are 947 links pointing at http://tattoojohnny.com/

5)      Now to the final calculation. We got 51,660 as the number of links from other sites (Number Of External Links) to tattoojohnny.com. So we subtract this number from the number of links that point at the home page (both at the www. version and the non www. version) of tattoojohnny.com to get the number of Deep Links to this site.

find out how many external links point at the internal pages of this site.

51,660  – 43,766 – 947 = 6947

Now 6947 is the number external links or the number of deep links to tattoojohnny.com.

So finally its time to calculate the deep link ratio of tattoojohnny.com

       Deep Link Ratio = (6947 / 51,660) * 100 = 13.4 %

So finally we have found the deep link ratio of tattoojohnny.com as 13.4%.

A deep link ratio of 30% - 60% can be called a good deep link ratio. But there doesn’t appear to be a downside of a too high deep link ratio. But then again the deep link ratio depends on the website. Some sites with great content in internal pages can have a very high deep link ratio.

Ex –   http://www.digitalpoint.com/ has a deep link ratio of 94%. This is mainly due  to the forum at digitalpoint.com. The digital point forum has lots of great content because of this so many blogs and sites have linked to their forum (and all these links to the forum count as deep links to sky rocket the deep link ratio).

Deep link ratio is one important factor that affects the rank of a site in the search engines. The key to increasing your deep link ratio is to create good content that people will link to. But even without a very high deep link ratio a site can still rank high, since there are several other factors that affect a sites rank such as keywords, age of the site, the quality of the back links (as SEO experts always say the quality of back links is more important than quantity) and more.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Easy and Effective Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog


The number one secret to make money fast online is to driving tons of traffic which is a problem so many people who are trying to make money online are facing. Here’s a list of techniques to drive traffic that can be recommended to anyone wanting to make money fast.
1) Forum Signatures – This is one of the easiest ones to do. Just find a forum that you are interested in and leave forum signatures after posting a reply to an existing post or when you are starting a new post. But do not use it as a spam technique and build 1000’s of links fast since you will get banned from the forum.  Visit Big Board Forums to find 1000’s of forums. 

2) Directory Submissions – An obvious method to do great link building but some people do not use it thinking it’s a waste of time but it certainly isn’t. If the site/blog is submitted to the proper web directories. Here’s a list of some great FREE web directories that can certainly improve your rankings. Most of them have a page rank of over 5.

3) Submit to Technorati – Create an account for free at Technorati and submit your site/blog to Technorati. After you have claimed your blog and Technorati add some keyword tags to your blog or site using the Keotag Tag Generator. Just type the keywords with each one separated by a comma, then paste code in the blog. These tags helps Technorati crawl your blog. So its important to make use of this. Read more about this at Technorati Blog Claim
4) Bookmarking  - Bookmark your site/blog in all major bookmark sites. Even though the bookmark sites like Delicious use nofollow attribute its still recommended way of link building that is used by man webmasters. Some of the most popular bookmark sites are

5) Reply to other blogs – Post meaningful replies to other blogposts but do not leave links as it can get deleted. Don’t use it as a spam technique either and post 100’s of short meaningless replies but write a proper reply then it will increase the chances of a visitor to that blogpost clicking on your profile and having a look at your blog post too.
6) Facebook Fan Page Create a Facebook, a fan page related to what you are promoting and to the content of your blog and provide a link to your blog. This is a great way to drive quality traffic to any blog or site. I currently own a Facebook fanpage related to tattoos and has got a little over 6000 members in 5 months. So I constantly receive a certain amount of traffic from that to my site Tattoo World
7) Connect Twitter & Facebook Fan Page – After you make your Facebook fan page connect it with your Twitter account. So every time you make an update on your Fan Page your Twitter followers will also know about that since your status will automatically get updated with a link to your new update at Facebook. It’s an automatic way to increase the no of followers at Twitter. Twitter is a must if you want to drive traffic. Some people get over 1000 visitors just from Twitter everyday.  Click the below link to learn more about

8) Squidoo and Hupages – Create a lens at Squidoo and Hubpages.  Creating a lens is a must if you want to drive traffic, creating a lens is the first step to take to earn money from home.  Always focus on the keywords you are targeting and maintain a keyword density of around 1% - 3%, also include your targeted keyword in the Squidoo URL. Click Keyword Density to read more about it. Here are some popular keyword density checkers
9) Youtube Videos – Create some youtube videos. If it becomes a hit you can get tons of traffic. There are some meaningless youtube videos out there that has got massive amounts of traffic like over 1 million within a few months. Create the video and leave your site or blog link in the description. 
10) Valuable Content – Without a doubt the best way to drive traffic to any blog or site is to add valuable content to it. Then people will automatically link to your blog/site and it will also increase your rank. As so many webmasters say content is king, but one thing you have to avoid is duplicate content, adding duplicate content is one reason for your site/blog to get banned by Google. Read my post about Actions That Will Ban Your Website In Google to learn more.
11) Google Adsense – Again another obvious one. If your site is brand new but you want to drive tons of targeted traffic immediately then Google Adsense is the answer. But you need to have a good budget for that. Google Adsense is an ideal way to make money fast. Read my post Make Money Fast With Google Adsense to learn more about it.
12) Update Content – Update your content often around 2 times a week since Google loves content that gets updated often.
13) Blog Stat Counter – If you have a blog then add a Blog stat counter. Since it shows you how many visitors you are getting everyday, its important to know whether the hits per day is increasing to your blog. It’s a good indication on how successful you are at driving traffic. Blogpatrol is a great free hit counter.
14) Flickr Album – If your blog/site has a lot of pictures, if its about a topic like tattoos, fashion, nature or any other subject where people search for pictures then Flickr can be used. Create an album related to your topic, fill it with some interesting pictures and in the description section leave a link to your blog/site. And name each picture carefully adding the targeted keywords (also as tags for each image). 1000’s of people use Google Images as well as Flickr Image search to search for pictures and if your image can rank high for a certain term then you can drive a lot of traffic thorough that as well. Join Flickr groups or create your own Flickr group and invite people with similar interest. I currently have a Flcikr Album related to tattoos and I have linked every picture to my site, that brings a certain amount fo traffic to my site. Heres a sample Flickr Group

15) Twitter Hash Tags –  Using hash tags in your twitter status allows people who are also tweeting about similar topics to find you easily. What The Trend is a site that shows the most common hash tags that people are tweeting about. Adding a hash tag is very simple “#affiliate” just type the # before the word you want to tag.Of course its not all that simple to explain has tags. Another tool you can use to find people with similar interests is the Twitter Search.
I would certainly recommend you to use Twitter Search and What The Trend  , for example if you are promoting weight loss products you can use these tools to find people who are tweeting related to that, then follow them and they will follow you back in return if they find your tweets are useful. Twitter is a great way to drive quality targeted traffic. Watch the following video to learn more about Hash Tags in detail.

16) Wiki Answers – Post good meaningful replies to the questions at wikianswers, and in the “Sources and related links” section leave a link to your site/blog. But do not use it as a spam technique and leave 100’s of links to your site/blog or post a link that is totally unrelated to the question. Doing this will get your IP addressed banned and you will not be able to reply to questions again. This is a great method to build incoming (since wikianswers does not use the “nofollow” attribute for these links) and also to drive traffic. Here’s an example of a reply to a question that also has a link.
Just see the “Sources and related Links” section, there is a link to a site called tattoojoy.com. Wiki Answers is a great way to build links. 
17) Link Exchange – Incoming links is without a doubt a great way to boost your search engine rankings. But how do you do it ? Visit forums like Digital Point and Warrior Forum there are 100’s of internet marketers wanting to exchange links with you. So join these forums and build incoming links to your site/blog. Always check their Google Page Rank before exchanging links. And ask them to link a keyword to your site instead of linking to a picture. Example – If your targeted keyword is “make money quick” then as them to link to that instead o linking to a picture. And always record the websites that you have exchange links with and monitor them often to see the link still exists (there are some webmasters and bloggers who will just remove your link after a few months thinking you’ve forgotten about the link exchange). 

18) Document Sharing - Document Sharing is another effective way of driving some quick traffic. There are several free sites that allow you to do document sharing like edocr.com, docshare.com, scribd.com and more. 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Importance Of A Link Wheel To Driving Traffic


There’s no question that the success to an online business is driving quality targeted traffic. And lack of traffic is the reason why so many people trying to make money from home give up. Therefore its important to learn easy and effective ways to drive quality traffic to your website or blog. One of the most effective ways is to build a link wheel. Building a link wheel can boost your search engine rankings really fast. The above picture explains it all. 
I will explain the first few steps of building a link wheel. First create a blog in blogger.com then provide a link from that blog to your site. Then write an article in Ezine Articles  and link that particular article to your blog that you created in blogger.com and also provide a link back to your site. Now create a hub or an article at Hub Pages , then link that article from hubpages to the article you created at Ezine Articles and also to your site. Now create a Squidoo lens about your topic, provide a link from your squidoo lens to your site as well as to the article you made at Hubpages.
 This way just keep building your link wheel.  Also remember that you should only create one way links, not two way links. For example link from your blogger to your ezine article but then do not link from the ezine article to your blog since then it will become a two way link which will not be very effective. The important thing to remember is that the quality of your back links is a lot more important than quantity. Therefore write good content and try to build incoming links from sites that have high page rank. I would recommend you to watch the video below to learn exactly what a link wheel is.

Heres a list of sites that you can use to build a link wheel

Ezine Articles
Word press
Go Articles
Article Base

Read my post on Free Article Submit Sites there you can find a big list of sites that you can use to submit articles for FREE to build your link wheel. Read my other posts on the Home Page for more tips.

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Where Else You Can Find Us

Here are some other sites where you can find the Make Money Fast Blog. You too can use these sites to drive traffic and a build a fan base.
1) FriendFeed.com @ friendfeed.com/make-money-fast-blog

2) Twitter.com @ twitter.com/affiliate1986

3) Viralnetworks.com @ ViralnetworksProfile

4)  Facebook.com @ Make Money Online Blog

5) Linkedin.com @ Linkedin Profile

6)  Spicypage.com @ Make Money Fast Blog

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100% Free Email Capture Software To Double Your Online Sales


                                    List Wire - Get Your Free Autoresponder

List building is a very important part of an online business. Capturing the visitors name and email and sending them regular newsletters or offering them new products is the easiest way to get them to return to your site, and it’s a guaranteed method to increase your sales.

 Capturing email addresses of your readers and starting a list building campaign is easy if you use a program like Listwire. All you need is a Squeeze Page (the pop up box that you see in some sites/blogs that asks for your name and email) and an Autoresponder (A program that automatically sends emails to the addresses in its list at a given time) to capture your visitors email address.

Heres are 2 examples of a Squeeze Page 

Listwire is a  100%FREE Autoresponder that also allows you to create a Squeeze page in just a few minutes to begin building an email list. And you require absolute no knowledge on HTML to create a squeeze page.

Some of the options of Listwire are

1)      A search option that allows you to search for people who have signed up or subscribed to your mailing list. You can search by date (Allows you to check if they have signed up during a certain period), by their name, by their email address.

2)      Create unlimited number of follow up messages. You can set a time period or interval for each follow up message so they will be sent after that interval. Ex – A follow up message with an interval of 4 will be sent 4 days after the user subscribes (follow ups are sent automatically after you create them). In that way you can set different intervals to your follow up messages.

3)      Create unlimited broadcast messages. If there is a message that you want to send at once to all the people who subscribed to you. Then you can create a broadcast message and send it to all at once.

4)      You can add, delete or blacklist subscribers from your list.

5)      Provides statistics such as the number of times each message was opened, the number of times the links in your messages were clicked and more.

List Wire Autoresponder also comes with a FREE user manual. 

Click the below banner to begin building your email list for FREE.

         List Wire - Get Your Free Autoresponder

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Google Ban - 10 Actions That Will Ban Your Website In Google


Getting banned by Google can be a huge blow to anyone trying to make money online, as it will prevent your site/blog from appearing in Google for any keyword. So if you have faced this problem then click the below link to learn more on what you can do

HTML clipboard Google Requesting Reconsideration 

·        Buying Text Links – Buying text links is one reason to get your site banned by Google. Google started banning sites for the use of text links back in 2007 and Google banned a text link selling site that had a page rank of 7. Click the below link to read more about it.

·        Linking To Banned Site – Linking to sites that’s already banned by Google is another way to get your site banned by Google. So avoid linking to any sites that are banned by Google (that includes linking to text link ad sites). Some webmasters say it’s risky even to link to gambling sites, adult sites and link farms but I am not certain about those but it’s advisable to avoid them too just to be safe. 

·        Duplicate Content – This is such an obvious one, don’t think I even have to mention it. Just don’t copy other peoples stuff, you will get banned. Here’s a list of some sites that help you to find out if you have duplicate content (they allow you to compare one of your URL’s with another URL from a different site.)

·        Keyword Stuffing – Its important to use the keyword that you are targeting but don’t over do it. Overusing the same keyword again and again can be considered as spam and get your site banned, some affiliates think stuffing keywords will get them to the number 1 spot in Google and they can earn money from home straight away. Many SEO experts have said that a good keyword density is around 1% - 3%. But make sure the keyword density of your targeted keyword does not exceed 3%.  . Here are some good tools to check your keyword density. 

·        Using Hidden Keywords – Another trick people use is stuff keywords but they use the same color for the background as well as for the fonts. So the visitor won’t see it but it will be there in the source code. Thinking it will increase their rank due to a high keyword density. But Google is very intelligent and it’s a dreadful mistake to get your site banned. A black hat trick that has to be avoided if you want to make money from home. 

·        Cloaking – Cloaking is another black hat technique that has to be avoided if you don’t want to get banned by Google. Cloaking means presenting certain content to the Search Engine Spider for indexing the site and showing something different to the user. A lot of people think it can fool the search engine but it only fools the visitor and of course the webmaster himself. So do not enter any words or terms into the meta tags section that does not match the content of your site thinking it’s going to increase rank but doing it will only get your site banned by Google.

HTML clipboard What is Cloaking ?

It’s very important to avoid these silly mistakes if you want to make money fast. Making money from home is not rocket science but its a matter of not running down the wrong road.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Social Network Specially Made For Internet Marketers


Many affiliates use social netowkrs to drive traffic to their sites. Currently the most popular social networks used to drive traffic are Twitter and Facebook. Creating a Fan Page on Facebook for your site/blog or getting many people to follow you on Twitter are great ways to drive traffic. Here I will discuss an AMAZING Social Network that’s specially made for online marketers, a social network all affiliates MUST join no matter what your niche is.

Viral Networks is social network that is specially made for affiliates or online marketers and at the moment there are a little over 35,000 affiliates registered. It’s a great place to meet other affiliates to exchange ideas and upgrade your affiliate marketing skills. Viral Networks has some great features to help you, here I will list out some of them. Just click on each link to view them if you need to.

Viral Networks Forum – It’s very similar to the Digital Point Forum (another forum used by many internet marketers). A great place to ask questions and exchange new ideas with other affiliates.

Wiki – All definitions used in the online marketing industry can be found here.

Blogs – Viral Networks members share their online marketing knowledge through blogs and also use these blogs to drive traffic. You too can simply create a blog to promote any of your products. It’s a great way to drive targeted traffic.

Groups – You can join like minded online marketers in groups, depending on your goal.

Videos – Create useful videos and share them with other affiliates. Another great way to build a great reputation for your website or blog to drive more and more traffic.

Affilaite Program – Viral Networks also consist of an affiliate program that you can use to make some extra cash while driving traffic to your site.

I would recommend all affiliates to join Viral Networks. It’s guaranteed to drive quality traffic to your sites/blogs.

And  it’s  TOTALLY  FREE.


Friday, August 20, 2010

What is Google Webmaster Tools ? and How It Helps You Boost Your Rank in Google


Knowledge is the key to successfully making money fast online. The Google Webmaster Tools is one tool that any affiliate marketer or anyone trying to make money online should use. Its totally free, just go to google.com and type “Google Webmaster Tools” then click the link and sign in with your email
The Google Webmaster Tools can provide so much of valuable information about your blog or website that can help you to sky rocket your rankings in Google. It’s a great tool for search engine optimization.

Here’s some information that the Google Webmaster Tools provide

1)      The number of impressions your website or blog has received for certain keywords. And the position of your site for those keywords in the Google results page. This is a very important piece of information since it allows you to see for what keywords your site/blog is ranked and if your position for those keywords are improving or if its going down in the Google results page.

2)      The number of clicks your website or blog has received in Google for these keywords.

3)      Shows other websites that are linking to your website. In this list some of the sites that link to you might not be shown since it only shows URL’s that are already in Google’s index.

4)      Shows the internal links of your sites (the pages of your site that link to the homepage or any other pages of your site). The internal link structure of a website is very important, the rank of a website/blog in a search engine is affected by both internal and external links (links to you from other sites).

5)      Shows if Google has detected any Malware on your site.

6)      Google Webmaster Tools is also a great way to debug your website as it shows Crawl Errors (problems Google has encountered while crawling your website). Therefore it is important to fix them if there are any errors.

7)      It also provides the Crawl stats (shows how many times Google has crawled your website in the last 90 days, also the kilobytes downloaded per day and the time spent downloading a page.)

8)      Google Webmaster Tools shows if it has detected any duplicate content in your site, also shows if there are problematic title tags or meta descriptions. If there are any duplicate content issues its important to fix it immediately as the website can get penalized by Google for having Duplicate content. Read my other post on Google Ban - 10 Actions That Will Ban Your Website In Google to learn how to avoid getting penalized by Google.

Before getting started with Google Webmaster Tools you have to create a XML Sitemap for Google. The main reason for creating a XML Sitemap is that it makes it a lot easier for Google to crawl your site, sometimes if you don’t have a sitemap all pages of your website will not get crawled by Google (one reason for it is using bad coding methods). So by creating a sitemap it becomes a lot easier for Google to crawl your site, therefore you can be certain that Google has crawled your site properly.

The website that I used to create sitemaps for free for my website and blog is

However it will create XML Sitemaps for free only if your website has less than 500 pages or your blog has less than 500 posts. If it is more than that then you will have to pay $20 and register in that site to create sitemaps for websites/blogs with more than 500 pages.

After you have created the XML sitemap for your website or blog then you have to submit it in Google Webmaster Tools. Watch the below video, so you will know exactly how to submit it to Google.

And when ever you make major updates to the content of your website or blog its important to create another sitemap and resubmit it to Google. I usually update the sitemap for this blog every time I add a new post. Some webmasters use the robot.txt file to automatically recreate it every time your site is updated but I recommend to manually do this since it’s less complicated.

If your website has got banned or penalized by Google then you can use the Google Webmaster Tools to submit your website for reconsideration. There are some websites out there that shows whether your website has been banned by Google or not, I am not sure about the accuracy of these results but its worth noting them down.

Watch the below video to learn quickly how to use the Google Webmaster Tools