Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Social Network Specially Made For Internet Marketers


Many affiliates use social netowkrs to drive traffic to their sites. Currently the most popular social networks used to drive traffic are Twitter and Facebook. Creating a Fan Page on Facebook for your site/blog or getting many people to follow you on Twitter are great ways to drive traffic. Here I will discuss an AMAZING Social Network that’s specially made for online marketers, a social network all affiliates MUST join no matter what your niche is.

Viral Networks is social network that is specially made for affiliates or online marketers and at the moment there are a little over 35,000 affiliates registered. It’s a great place to meet other affiliates to exchange ideas and upgrade your affiliate marketing skills. Viral Networks has some great features to help you, here I will list out some of them. Just click on each link to view them if you need to.

Viral Networks Forum – It’s very similar to the Digital Point Forum (another forum used by many internet marketers). A great place to ask questions and exchange new ideas with other affiliates.

Wiki – All definitions used in the online marketing industry can be found here.

Blogs – Viral Networks members share their online marketing knowledge through blogs and also use these blogs to drive traffic. You too can simply create a blog to promote any of your products. It’s a great way to drive targeted traffic.

Groups – You can join like minded online marketers in groups, depending on your goal.

Videos – Create useful videos and share them with other affiliates. Another great way to build a great reputation for your website or blog to drive more and more traffic.

Affilaite Program – Viral Networks also consist of an affiliate program that you can use to make some extra cash while driving traffic to your site.

I would recommend all affiliates to join Viral Networks. It’s guaranteed to drive quality traffic to your sites/blogs.

And  it’s  TOTALLY  FREE.


Friday, August 20, 2010

What is Google Webmaster Tools ? and How It Helps You Boost Your Rank in Google


Knowledge is the key to successfully making money fast online. The Google Webmaster Tools is one tool that any affiliate marketer or anyone trying to make money online should use. Its totally free, just go to google.com and type “Google Webmaster Tools” then click the link and sign in with your email
The Google Webmaster Tools can provide so much of valuable information about your blog or website that can help you to sky rocket your rankings in Google. It’s a great tool for search engine optimization.

Here’s some information that the Google Webmaster Tools provide

1)      The number of impressions your website or blog has received for certain keywords. And the position of your site for those keywords in the Google results page. This is a very important piece of information since it allows you to see for what keywords your site/blog is ranked and if your position for those keywords are improving or if its going down in the Google results page.

2)      The number of clicks your website or blog has received in Google for these keywords.

3)      Shows other websites that are linking to your website. In this list some of the sites that link to you might not be shown since it only shows URL’s that are already in Google’s index.

4)      Shows the internal links of your sites (the pages of your site that link to the homepage or any other pages of your site). The internal link structure of a website is very important, the rank of a website/blog in a search engine is affected by both internal and external links (links to you from other sites).

5)      Shows if Google has detected any Malware on your site.

6)      Google Webmaster Tools is also a great way to debug your website as it shows Crawl Errors (problems Google has encountered while crawling your website). Therefore it is important to fix them if there are any errors.

7)      It also provides the Crawl stats (shows how many times Google has crawled your website in the last 90 days, also the kilobytes downloaded per day and the time spent downloading a page.)

8)      Google Webmaster Tools shows if it has detected any duplicate content in your site, also shows if there are problematic title tags or meta descriptions. If there are any duplicate content issues its important to fix it immediately as the website can get penalized by Google for having Duplicate content. Read my other post on Google Ban - 10 Actions That Will Ban Your Website In Google to learn how to avoid getting penalized by Google.

Before getting started with Google Webmaster Tools you have to create a XML Sitemap for Google. The main reason for creating a XML Sitemap is that it makes it a lot easier for Google to crawl your site, sometimes if you don’t have a sitemap all pages of your website will not get crawled by Google (one reason for it is using bad coding methods). So by creating a sitemap it becomes a lot easier for Google to crawl your site, therefore you can be certain that Google has crawled your site properly.

The website that I used to create sitemaps for free for my website and blog is

However it will create XML Sitemaps for free only if your website has less than 500 pages or your blog has less than 500 posts. If it is more than that then you will have to pay $20 and register in that site to create sitemaps for websites/blogs with more than 500 pages.

After you have created the XML sitemap for your website or blog then you have to submit it in Google Webmaster Tools. Watch the below video, so you will know exactly how to submit it to Google.

And when ever you make major updates to the content of your website or blog its important to create another sitemap and resubmit it to Google. I usually update the sitemap for this blog every time I add a new post. Some webmasters use the robot.txt file to automatically recreate it every time your site is updated but I recommend to manually do this since it’s less complicated.

If your website has got banned or penalized by Google then you can use the Google Webmaster Tools to submit your website for reconsideration. There are some websites out there that shows whether your website has been banned by Google or not, I am not sure about the accuracy of these results but its worth noting them down.

Watch the below video to learn quickly how to use the Google Webmaster Tools

Monday, August 9, 2010

Importance Of Alexa Rank To Make Money Online


If your goal is to make money fast through the net then one tool that you can not forget is the Alexa toolbar. There’s no question about the importance of incoming links to a site/blog when you are trying to increase the rank of your site/blog in Google. The first thing a lot of webmasters check when linking a site are the Google Page rank and alexa rank.

So having a high Alexa rank will certainly help you if you are trying to get some incoming links and to successfully begin making money online. And there are some reports saying Google also relies on the Alexa rank when indexing a site or a blog but I am certainly not sure how accurate it is. Anyway increase your Alexa rank is not difficult and it certainly is worth the effort since it can certainly help you to reach your goal to earn money quick. Here are some ways of increasing the Alexa rank.

1) Alexa rank is calculated according to the number of visitors who visit a particular site with the Alexa toolbar installed on their browser. Easiest thing to do is to install the Alexa toolbar on your browser and set your blog or website as the homepage. Then every time someone opens your browser it will count as one hit. A very simple method to increase rank very quick. Download Alexa Toolbar

2) Install the Alexa Rank Widget, and when a visitor to your site clicks on the widget it will also count as a hit.
3) Make use of a service like Up My Rank, it’s a site specially made for anyone interested in increasing the Alexa rank of their website or blog.

4) If there is a network of computers at your work place, change the homepage in all browsers to your site/blog and install the Alexa toolbar.

5) This toolbar is used a lot by website owners, so if you can get these webmasters to visit your site it’ll simply boost your rank in Alexa. One way to easily get webmasters to a site is to write content that they are interested in. This will simply make many users with the Alexa toolbar installed return to your site very often. So adding content related to SEO or online marketing or link exchange (people in search of link exchange always check the Alexa rank) is great.
6) Just add a link allowing your visitors to download the Alexa toolbar and tell them how this toolbar can help them. This will certainly make a visitor to your site or blog install the Alexa toolbar in their browser. So when ever they return it to your site it will be a major boost to your rank. Then again to tell them how this toolbar can help them, you have to use it first. Other than just displaying the Alexa rank of a website there are many other ways in which this toolbar can help you. Download Alexa Toolbar

7) Like I said earlier the Alexa toolbar is used by many webmasters as well as affiliate marketers. So if you can drive traffic from sites that are being visited often by them is another great way to boost your alexa rank. Buying links and banners from sites that webmasters and affiliates often visit is another way to get visitors to your site with the Alexa toolbar alredy installed.

8) Request friends or family members to use the Alexa toolbar and to change their homepage to your site. A simple thing that can make a big difference to your ranking.

9) Take part in forums such as Warrior Forum and Digital Point Forum and leave forum signatures when you reply to a post, a lot of webmasters use these forums. It can boost you’re Alexa rank as well as drive quality traffic to your site. Read my other post on Easy And Effective Ways To Drive Traffic to learn more about driving traffic.
10) There are reports that the Alexa toolbar is mostly used by Asian web surfers. And it can be true since there are many websites based in Asia that’s currently in the Alexa top 500. So taking part in forums or social networks or any other blogs or sites with a high no of Asian web surfers is a great way to increase your rank.

11) Use bookmark sites like Diigo, Digg or Stumble upon since many webmasters and affiliates use social bookmarking sites so it can be a great way to drive traffic from visitors to your site with this Toolbar installed.

As mentioned its so important to have a high Alexa rank if you really want to be succesful and make money fast. These are simple things that can help you get closer to your dream to earn money online.

Computer Screen Recording Software - Free Download


If you can create video tutorials then youtube is an awesome source of traffic. After uploading your video tutorial to youtube, you can leave a link to your site in the description of the video. And you can ask your viewers at the end of each video to click on the link and subscribe to your blog/site or to visit the link for more tips/tutorials etc.

Many webmasters create video tutorials for youtube to get tons of traffic with some of the videos getting over 100,000 views. You can create video tutorials on almost anything, 
For example: Tutorials on Photoshop, Dreamweaver, How To Use Certain Webtsites, Programming (HTML, PHP etc) and much more. All you need to create videos is

1) Knowledge 
2) A Software to record your computer screen.  

The Total Screen Recorder is an easy program to use, that lets you record your screen so you too can upload your own tutorials to youtube to get immediate traffic.

You can create videos in different formats such as WMV, AVI, FLV (but youtube accepts any video format). The frames per second can be set to as high as 30 for really high quality videos. The Total Screen Recorder also allows you to set the size of the screen that you are going to record. You can either record the entire screen or you can select a certain area of the computer screen to record.

To download the Total Screen Recorder for free "Left" Click on the following link which will take you to another page that provides the download link

Total Screen Recorder - Download

Note: If the videos you have created are quite big like over 80 MB then it can take a long time to upload the videos. But you can reduce the uploading time by converting the video to .mov format or to another smaller format using the Prism Video Converter. This software supports almost all video formats.

To download the Prism Video Converter for free "Left" Click on the following link which will take you to another page that provides the download link. 

Prism Video Converter - Download

A Software like "Windows Media Player" can be used to edit any videos if required which is another free software.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Get To Page #1 In Google Straight Away !


To make money online there’s nothing better than driving targeted traffic to a website or blog. And the best way to drive targeted traffic is through the most popular search engine which is Google. Now we’re about to introduce a software that gets your site or blog to Page #1 in Google for ANY KEYWORD with a Simple Push of a button.

But you must be warned that this software can be used for both good and evil, therefore the creators of this software Instant Social Anarchy do not take responsibility for what the users do with the software. A few great feautes of Instant Social Anarchy are

  • It allows to create over 10,000 social media accounts at the push of a button. 
  • Instant Social Anarchy software automatically creates 1000’s of backlinks to your site/blog. 

  • Creates link pools, spin posts, titles, messages and profiles and many more things that immediately brings 1000's of buyers into your website through Google.

Your Just A Click Away From Getting To The First Page Of Google !


Friday, August 6, 2010

Create A Professional Website In Under A Week With Joomla


Today more and more people start online businesses to make money online by promoting various products. There are various ways of promoting products. Running your website or a blog is a great way to make money online. But a lot of people stick to blogs instead since they have no knowledge on programming or using programs like Frontpage or Dreamweaver to make a website. But using Joomla anyone can make a website in less than a week. Joomla is one of the best content management systems that has been used to make so many great website. Using Joomla anyone can create website with forums, photo galleries, articles, user created blogs and just about anything that a website can offer. Here are some great websites made using Joomla.

These are just a few examples but many people are using Joomla to quickly create professional websites. All you have to do is get a Joomla template, then edit it the way you want and you are ready to go but you also need a hosting account to host the website. But when selecting a template it is recommended to buy a Joomla template from a website like Shape 5 or Joomla Jet. Since most of the free templates available are not compatible on all browsers, so its important to use a template that is compatible on all browsers.   
Hostmonster is a great web hosting company where I am currently hosting 3 websites. Therefore all you need to make a Joomla website is a Joomla template, a hosting account and you are ready to go.  I would recommend you to watch the following video to learn more about Joomla and please search on youtube there are so many tutorials on how to get started with Joomla.

Read my other posts on the Make Money Fast blog for more tips