Saturday, May 22, 2010

Email Capture For A Higher Conversion Rate


One problem webmasters face is that some of the visitors visit their sites just once and then they do not return to the site. The normal conversion rate for a website is 2%-3%, which means if a website gets 100 unique visitors per day then 2-3 visitors will turn into buyers. But getting these visitors to return to the website is a great way to increase a websites conversion rate, they may not buy anything the first time but they might buy a product the 2nd or the 3rd time they return to the site. How do you get them to comeback ?

 Email marketing is a great way to get visitors to return to your website, a method that has helped many affiliates make money online. Many online marketing experts have stated that email marketing is second only to search marketing when it comes to making sales. According to a survey by showed that user triggered email marketing campaigns had a conversion rate of 2.3%, 27% of the emails sent to the users were opened and 9.3% of the visitors visited the website by clicking on the link in the mail. Sending emails to users who are interested in the content/products of your website or to users who have subscribed to your website can certainly have a much better conversion rate.

Therefore it is important to capture your users email address, since there is a possibility to turn them into buyers even if they do not buy any product the first time they visit your site. There are various email capture programs out there, one popular FREE program is Listwire. Click the below link to learn how you can get started with your Email capture program for FREE.

FREE Autoresponder - Email Capture Program

One point to remember is to send mails to people who are interested in the products or content of your website, just sending mails to random email addresses is not very successful. According to 46% of the internet users have said that commercial emails that they receive are not targeted to their needs. So if you send emails randomly to users who haven’t registered in your site or subscribed then most probably they will get deleted without even being opened. Therefore its important to send emails only to users who have registered or subscribed to your site.

Creating a forum related to the content of your website and then allowing users to post questions or reply to existing posts is another great way to capture your visitors email. So when ever a new visitor registers in your site to post something in the forum you can automatically get their email address. I currently own a website made using Joomla which also consist of a forum, and I have already got email addresses of around 500 visitors already and still increasing. So having a forum or a registration form to allow your visitors to register in your site is another great way to capture their email. Joomla is a very easy way for any beginner to create professional websites with forums, registration forums etc.


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