Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Importance Of A Link Wheel To Driving Traffic


There’s no question that the success to an online business is driving quality targeted traffic. And lack of traffic is the reason why so many people trying to make money from home give up. Therefore its important to learn easy and effective ways to drive quality traffic to your website or blog. One of the most effective ways is to build a link wheel. Building a link wheel can boost your search engine rankings really fast. The above picture explains it all. 
I will explain the first few steps of building a link wheel. First create a blog in then provide a link from that blog to your site. Then write an article in Ezine Articles  and link that particular article to your blog that you created in and also provide a link back to your site. Now create a hub or an article at Hub Pages , then link that article from hubpages to the article you created at Ezine Articles and also to your site. Now create a Squidoo lens about your topic, provide a link from your squidoo lens to your site as well as to the article you made at Hubpages.
 This way just keep building your link wheel.  Also remember that you should only create one way links, not two way links. For example link from your blogger to your ezine article but then do not link from the ezine article to your blog since then it will become a two way link which will not be very effective. The important thing to remember is that the quality of your back links is a lot more important than quantity. Therefore write good content and try to build incoming links from sites that have high page rank. I would recommend you to watch the video below to learn exactly what a link wheel is.

Heres a list of sites that you can use to build a link wheel

Ezine Articles
Word press
Go Articles
Article Base

Read my post on Free Article Submit Sites there you can find a big list of sites that you can use to submit articles for FREE to build your link wheel. Read my other posts on the Home Page for more tips.


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