Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Deep Linking To Boost Search Engine Rankings


Driving lots of targeted traffic is the key to successfully making money online.  Internet marketers use various SEO techniques to improve search engine rankings. One of the most effective search engine optimization techniques to boost your rank is Deep Linking. Deep linking can be simply defined as “Any backlink that points to any page on your website EXCEPT your homepage is called a deep link”.  Just building incoming links to your homepage will look unnatural to the search engines and building backlinks to other pages of your website (Deep Linking) will have a much better effect and will quickly boost your rankings on the search engines. Watch the below video to get a simple idea on Deep Linking. 

Deep links give a good impression to the search engines and shows that you have targeted content throughout your site since there are backlinks to internal pages of your site as well.  By building a good number of backlinks to the internal pages of a website it will raise the relevance of the website. This will also increase the page rank of the internal pages, therefore increase the search engine placement of the internal pages as well. 
Whenever building links whether they are links from other sites or within your own site build “Contextual Links”. Visit theInternet Marketing Definitions post to get a full detailed definition for “Contextual Links”.

Deep linking increases the overall value of your site, making your site stand out from your competitors. 
Creating valuable content is the best way to automatically get backlinks to internal pages of your site. But you too can build deep links on your own by creating blogs, submitting articles or press releases and then linking them to internal pages of your site rather than your homepage.This will not only drive more traffic but also improve search engine rankings. You can find a list of free article submission sites by clicking on the below link

Always maintain a healthy number of outgoing links (links that point to other sites) from each page on your site. Some webmasters suggest to limit the number of outbound links from the homepage of a site to just 10. Even though this is not a rule it is important to keep in mind the more "dofollow" links you have on a page the more your site will bleed vital ranking potential. Below link is a discussion on the Digital Point Forum regarding the number of outbound links on homepage, click the below link to get an idea on the views of different webmasters on the topic of outbound links.

Finally “What is Deep Link Ratio ?” Click the below link to find out more.

Deep Link Ratio

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