Monday, March 1, 2010

Text Link Ad Ban By Google


If you want make money fast online then one search engine you have to focus on is obviously Google. All online marketers try to increase their rank on Google and at the same time it’s important NOT to use any dirty tricks that will ban your website in Google.

Using text link ads is one trick that affiliates think will help them to make money fast but instead Google WILL ban their websites for using text link ads. So if you really want to make money fast online and keep making money then I certainly advise you to avoid text link ads. Text link ads can drive traffic to you but buying text link ads can cost the page rank of your site and it can also lower your rank on the Search Engine Results page. Google first penalized a several sites back in 2007 that was selling Text link ads, but so its better to play it safe and avoid text link ads. Click the below links to read more about the text link ads ban by Google.

HTML clipboard Selling Text Link Ads and Google Penalization

Also read my other post on other things that you can do to get your website/blog banned by Google. It’s advisable to avoid making those mistakes. Click the below Link

Google Ban - 10 Actions That Will Ban Your Website In Google


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