Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Google Ban - 10 Actions That Will Ban Your Website In Google


Getting banned by Google can be a huge blow to anyone trying to make money online, as it will prevent your site/blog from appearing in Google for any keyword. So if you have faced this problem then click the below link to learn more on what you can do

HTML clipboard Google Requesting Reconsideration 

·        Buying Text Links – Buying text links is one reason to get your site banned by Google. Google started banning sites for the use of text links back in 2007 and Google banned a text link selling site that had a page rank of 7. Click the below link to read more about it.

·        Linking To Banned Site – Linking to sites that’s already banned by Google is another way to get your site banned by Google. So avoid linking to any sites that are banned by Google (that includes linking to text link ad sites). Some webmasters say it’s risky even to link to gambling sites, adult sites and link farms but I am not certain about those but it’s advisable to avoid them too just to be safe. 

·        Duplicate Content – This is such an obvious one, don’t think I even have to mention it. Just don’t copy other peoples stuff, you will get banned. Here’s a list of some sites that help you to find out if you have duplicate content (they allow you to compare one of your URL’s with another URL from a different site.)

·        Keyword Stuffing – Its important to use the keyword that you are targeting but don’t over do it. Overusing the same keyword again and again can be considered as spam and get your site banned, some affiliates think stuffing keywords will get them to the number 1 spot in Google and they can earn money from home straight away. Many SEO experts have said that a good keyword density is around 1% - 3%. But make sure the keyword density of your targeted keyword does not exceed 3%.  . Here are some good tools to check your keyword density. 

·        Using Hidden Keywords – Another trick people use is stuff keywords but they use the same color for the background as well as for the fonts. So the visitor won’t see it but it will be there in the source code. Thinking it will increase their rank due to a high keyword density. But Google is very intelligent and it’s a dreadful mistake to get your site banned. A black hat trick that has to be avoided if you want to make money from home. 

·        Cloaking – Cloaking is another black hat technique that has to be avoided if you don’t want to get banned by Google. Cloaking means presenting certain content to the Search Engine Spider for indexing the site and showing something different to the user. A lot of people think it can fool the search engine but it only fools the visitor and of course the webmaster himself. So do not enter any words or terms into the meta tags section that does not match the content of your site thinking it’s going to increase rank but doing it will only get your site banned by Google.

HTML clipboard What is Cloaking ?

It’s very important to avoid these silly mistakes if you want to make money fast. Making money from home is not rocket science but its a matter of not running down the wrong road.


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